ELROB 2014

February 2014 - June 2014
Andreas Habegger, Björn Jensen, Valentin Raschke, Silvan Häfeli, Nino Sutter, Stefan Martin Funariu, Levente Tamas

The bebot-team participated in the ELROB 2014 trial with the Packbot (bebot) and a quadrocopter (bee). Bebot has been equipped with a number of sensors (Velodyne 3D laser, MESA time-of-flight camera, two USB cameras) in addition to the on-board sensors of the packbot to allow teleoperation by an operator in a remote site. The robot participated in the urban reconnaissance trial with the objective to enter houses and create a map of the environment. To ensure communication of control signals and allow the streaming of sensor data to the operator the Packbot has been equipped with a dispenser for wireless mesh radios. These radio nodes were dropped during the exploration. After entering two houses the robot returned safely to the starting point.

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